ALUSION – Aluminium oxide, the cosmetics all-rounder

Aluminium oxide (INCI: Alumina) is used in a variety of ways in cosmetics. Antarias Alusion® Aluminium oxide represent no danger and is harmless to human body and cannot be absorbed through the skin. Alusion® is specifically designed to provide a soft focus effect with superior cosmetic feel and luminescent finish. Discover the versatile application possibilities of Alusion® in your products.

ALUSION® (INCI: Alumina) is a highly stable, none water-/oil-soluble Aluminium oxide (Al2O3).

ALUSION® is specifically designed to provide soft focus effect with superior cosmetic feel and luminescent finish. The high purity grade of platelet Aluminium oxide powder has superior combination of diffuse and total transmittance giving a more natural looking soft focus effect and skin tone.

ALUSION® enhances the diffusion of light whilst remaining highly transparent, giving a superior more natural skin tone by reducing the reflected components of light and increase the diffuse component of transmitted light and softening fine skin lines.

ALUSION® is used as an abrasive and thickening agent, but also functions as a bulking agent, anti-caking agent as and an opacifying agent. Alusion is also known for its absorbing properties and its waterproof nature.

ALUSION® is used in cosmetic products like crèmes, blush, powder foundation, lipstick and facial cleanser. It also acts as an insoluble carrier for mineral pigments and is mixed into mineral powder makeup. Because of its abrasive texture, many use Alusion to exfoliate and resurface the skin-particularly with Microdermabrasion.

ALUSION® is derived from aluminum ions. Aluminum Ions are positively charged and form very tight chemical bonds with oxygen, so that dissociation is minimal in a pH-neutral, aqueous environment and therefore are extremely insoluble. The naturally occurring Alusion is a highly inert material and resistant to most corrosive environments, including the highly dynamic environment of the human body.

ALUSION® (Aluminium oxide) represent no danger and is not hazardous to the human body. Alusion is not water-soluble, unlike other Aluminium substances (e.g. Aluminium salts).  This prevents the aluminum from dissolving and entering the body. Alusion is free of nano-particles not absorbed through the skin and even when swallowed, Alusion is not toxic.




  • A combination of strong diffuse scattering with high specular transmittance giving a more natural looking soft focus effect


  • Platelets lie flat allowing more light through
  • More natural skin tone
  • Brighter pigment colours


  • Platy morphology with clean surfaces stay on longer


  • Alumina already approved for use in foods and drugs by FDA, Alusion is simply a morphology enhanced alumina       


Alusion® can be used in a variety of cosmetic applications, such as:

  • Sunscreens (Rec.Dos.: 2 - 10  %)
  • Lip and eye pencils (Rec.Dos.: 2 - 55  %)
  • Eye shadows (Rec.Dos.: 2 - 10  %)
  • Face Powders / Blush (Rec.Dos.: 2 - 10  %)
  • Foundations and concealers (Rec.Dos.: 1 - 5  %)
  • Lipstick (Rec.Dos.: 1 - 10  %)
  • Skin Care (Rec.Dos.: 2 - 10  %)
  • Bath and Body Products (Rec.Dos.: 2 - 10  %)
  • Beauty Products (Rec.Dos.: 2 - 10  %)
  • Nail enamels (Rec.Dos.: 1 - 2  %)
  • Acne treatment (Rec.Dos.: 2 - 10  %)
  • Abrasive medium for microdermabrasion (Rec.Dos.: 2 - 10  %)
  • Opacifier (Rec.Dos.: 2 - 10  %)
  • Drying agent (Rec.Dos.: 2 - 10  %)
  • Viscosity controlling agent (Rec.Dos.: 2 - 10  %)
  • Colour additive (FDA exemption fromcertification)


Using multiple substrates and testing methods on average Alusion® adhered:

  • 19% more than Boron Nitride
  • 29% more than Talc
  • 44% more than Nylon
  • 64% more than Silica