Structural reconstruction of Cuticle for Ultimate Shine and Hair Protection

The outer layer of hair is the cuticle, which is made up of layers of protein, called keratin. The hair cuticle has a structure of overlapping scales in a vertical alignment. Damaged hair cuticles can cause split ends and give your hair a rough look.  

Fortunately, thanks to the exceptional properties of CUTICLEX the hair can get back their optimal healthy status.

CUTICLEX is a partial ester of tri-glycerin with sebacic acid. Thanks to its unique three-dimensional structure adheres to the surface of the hair giving an exceptional protection against stress, hydration and shine.

CUTICLEX is a revolutionary active ingredient that allows:

  • Optimal hydration of the outermost layer of the cuticle (water holding capability)
  • Improvement of brilliance, volume and behaviour of the hair combing (gloss effect)
  • Stress protection and reinforce of the hair vigour
  • Excellent film-forming agent
  • Improvement of elasticity and resistance

Main characteristics:

  • Exceptional protection against stress
  • Excellent water-holding capability
  • Excellent gloss effect
  • Excellent film forming

Product benefits:

  • Easy formulation in rinse off and leave on products
  • Compatible with anionic and non-ionic thickening agents
  • Compatible with surfactants
  • No neutralization required
  • No preservatives

Recommended use levels:

  • Hair color 1.0-3.0%
  • Shampoos 0.5-2.0%
  • Conditioners 0,5-2.0%

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