DS-Ceramide AP and BP

Doosan Korea constantly extends its product portfolio. Founded 1896 this company today offers a series of uniquely design ingredients for personal care, based on sphingolipids and fermentation technology.

The latest development are new types of ceramides which we would like to introduce to you.

DS-Ceramide AP

  • INCI: Ceramide AP (old: Ceramide 6II)
  • High purity ceramide similar to that in human skin
  • Strengthening skin barrier function
  • Retention of skin moisture content
  • Mild skin peeling and desquamation (like AHA)
  • Prevention of skin pollutants
  • Applications: Products for dry, aged and sensitive skin

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DS-Ceramide BP

  • INCI: Ceramide BP (Sphingolipids)
  • New class of ceramide
  • Natural defense system
  • Composition similar to vernix caseosa
  • Branched chain fatty acid (BCFA) and BCFA bound ceramide
  • Immediate protection effect
  • Anti-pollution

Download Technical Data Sheet

For further information or samples on DS-Ceramide please call your local LEHVOSS Personal Care contact.

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