Imerys – Vital Skin - The anti-pollution ingredient

The search for anti-pollution actives is accelerating to counter the epidermis and correct their deleterious effects in the deeper layers.  ImerCare®VitalSkin relies on diatomaceous earth, whose microporous structure blocks the penetration of particulate pollutants and protects both cells and DNA. It can also be used in Make-up power.

The way an anti-pollution treatment is formulated is essential because it can have a physical effect and act as a shield, some actives or functional ingredients act as a mechanical barrier on the surface of the skin to prevent the fixation and penetration of pollutants or irritants. Others act on more specific skin receptors, thus limiting the impact.

ImerCare®VitalSkin is a new mineral solution for make-up powders based on diatomaceous earth. Designed to prevent skin damage,  it acts as a preventive solution by blocking the penetration of polluting particles into the skin. Our mineral has a unique microporous structure, offering skin cells and DNA protection against pollutants. When integrated into make-up powder, ImerCare VitalSkin significantly upgrades the value of the final product. 

ImerCare® VitalSkin: the natural mineral preventive solution against major pollutants

The new diatomaceous earth grade has a superior porosity which enables a larger surface area available to trap pollutants, even the smallest ones.

  • INCI: diatomaceous earth
  • Cosmos approved
  • Micro-Bio control via heat treatment
  • Meets the demand for natural and clean beauty products
  • Meets the demand for make-up with skincare benefits
  • Patented solution
  • Preventive action
  • Effective on the most common pollutants
  • Proven efficacy on DNA and skin cells
  • In Vitro and Ex vivo study