Marine Bamboo TM: Out of the deep blue sea

Slowing down the aging process and protecting the skin from harmful rays of light are two important aspects that an anti-aging product should meet. Marine Bamboo ™ is an extract from the brown alga Himantalia elongata, enriched with fucosterols and marine carotenoids (fucocarotenoids), which masterfully fulfills these tasks.

Marine Bamboo™ is ECOCERT / COSMOS certified and has excellent skin protection and regeneration properties, which actively combats the harmful effects of skin aging, UV and IRA exposure, while firming the skin and making it look younger.

Marine Bamboo™ is an extract obtained from the brown alga Himantalia elongata, highly enriched in antioxidant and protective substances such as fucosterols and fucocarotenoids, which helps our skin to protect itself from the effects of oxidative stress caused by pollution, aging and various types of radiation (UV, IR type A and blue light).

Himanthalia elongata is a more than three metre long giant and grows at a depth of between 10 and 30 metres below sea level. The component of the visible light spectrum capable of penetrating to the depth at which this algae lives is made up almost exclusively of blue-violet light or "high-energy visible light" (HEV).

Exposure to blue light causes oxidative stress and an increased production of matrix metalloproteinases (MMP1) and the associated breakdown of contacts between fibroblasts, collagen and elastin fibers, consequent complete loss of the contractile strength of the fibroblasts. The loss of the forces of contraction of fibroblasts leads to collapse / breakage and thus to the loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Here H. longata shows an amazing resistance to blue light wavelengths (400-430nm) and has developed a unique defense system to defy the adverse living conditions in the deep sea. Two key substances identified in Himantalia elongata play a key role in neutralizing the harmful effects of oxidative stress: fucosterol and marine carotenoids!

Marine Bamboo ™ extract from organic Himanthalia elongata is enriched of fucosterol and marine carotenoids. These two substances protect the algae from the breakdown of the contractile forces in the aging process, multi-light and pollution exposure and restore them.

  • Marine Bamboo™ restores the contractile strength of fibroblasts (+ 23%) and reduces the production of MMP1 induced by irradiation with blue light (-26%).

  • UV and IRA damage the integrity of mitochondria causing an increase in oxygen free radicals and an increase in MMP1. Thanks to the presence of marine carotenoids and fucosterols, Marine Bamboo ™ exerts an antioxidant action and reduces the production of MMP1
  • Pollution causes oxidative stress and a consequent increase in MMP1. Marine Bamboo ™ reduces the level of MMP1 and protects against damage caused by pollution. With aging there is a reduction in the production of elastin and an increase in MMP1 with consequent fragmentation of collagen. In vitro tests conducted on aged fibroblasts show the ability of Marine Bamboo ™ to restore the production of MMP1 and elastin to the levels of young fibroblasts
  • These protective actions translate, in vivo, into an increase in skin tone and a smoothing and anti-wrinkle action.


  • INCI: Caprylic / Capric Triglycerides –Himantalia elongata extract
  • Origin: Brittany (France)
  • Natural Origin Index (US): 1
  • Natural Index: 0.4
  • Liquid; fat soluble
  • Contains no preservatives
  • China-compliant