Pink Nectar: The skin’s recovery hub

Inspired by nature, Pink NectarTM is Odycea’s answer to fight skin ageing and to hit the reset button for dry, sensitive or stressed skins. Pink NectarTM boosts the skins’s anti-microbial and anti-oxidant barrier and renews the skin through its activities on 28 skin genes.

Pink NectarTM is derived from an adaptogenic flower that grows on the cliffs and moors along the Brittany and Mediterranean coastline (France). This seashore flower called "heather" grows in harsh conditions. It is exposed to dry and poor soil, strong wind, salt spray and sun.  In summer, when flowers achieve their highest potentiel of nectar production, Odycea harvests the fresh flowers by hand.

Pink NectarTM is derived from Calluna vulgaris flower and it is titrated in polyphenols and flavonoids (>100mg/100g expressed in myricetin equivalent). The major polyphenols of PINK NECTARTM belong to the myricetin family. As a result, we expressed the total polyphenols content in myricetin equivalent.

Pink NectarTMhas been designed:

► To hit the reset button for dry, sensitive or stressed skins characterized by:

  • An impaired epidermal barrier function
  • A higher sensitivity to pathogens, irritants, UV, pollutants
  • Irritation and inflammation
  • A lack in lipid and water

► To fight skin ageing characterized by :

  • An impaired epidermal barrier function
  • A slower rate of cellular renewal
  • A senescence-related decline in lipid and water content
  • A loss of skin flexibility, elasticity and resistance
  • A dull skin

Mechanism of action:

Pink NectarTM targets Skin Recovery Hub through its activities on 28 skin genes. It purifies, protects and renews skin challenged by today’s lifestyle. Thanks to its unique mechanism of action, it protects reactive or irritated skin by imitating the natural protection system of Calluna vulgaris seashore flower.

Skin purification:

Pink NectarTM boosts the antimicrobial barrier through the over-expresssion of:

  • Ribonuclease 7 (RNASE 7) gene

Skin protection:

Pink NectarTM boosts the anti-oxidant skin barrier through the over expression of:

  • SPRR1A (cornifine A)
  • HMO1 (Heme oxygenase 1)
  • NQO1 (NAD(P)H dehydrogenase [quinone] 1)
  • RORA (Nuclear receptor ROR-alpha) inducing

Skin renewal:

Pink NectarTM boosts skin renewal through the over-expression of all the key constituents involved in the cell differentiation and migration:

► Cell-cell connection

► Cell envelopes

► Water channel and cell migration

► Ceramides synthesis and transport

► Elimination of dead cells

Cosmetic claims:

  • Designed for skin that needs a break, PINK NECTARTM aids recovery. It lets skin recuperate and rest. It brings to the skin a sensation of comfort.
  • It helps fortify compromised skin and support its defenses to shield from intensive mask wearing, pollution and sun exposure.
  • It boosts skin renewal for healthy skin aging.
  • It locks in moisture for instant and long lasting hydration.


  • Natural Origin Index 1
  • China compliant
  • Vegan
  • Preservative free