Polacril - Polymers in Personal Care products

Polymeric materials are critically important to the creation of modern cosmetics and personal-care products. The applications take advantage of the various properties of these polymers to impart unique benefits to their formulations. Using polymers, cosmetic chemists can create high performance products.

Polymers in Personal Care products play important roles as thickeners, rheological modifiers, media for delivery of active ingredients, film formers, emulsifiers, moisturizer’s, dispersants, water proofers, conditioners and the list goes on…

Their key functionalities include the ability to increase the viscosity of solutions, form physical gels, stabilize dispersions and emulsions, induce particle aggregation, solubilize hydrophobic compounds, modify surface properties and facilitate the control release of active ingredients.

As such, we like to introduce to you our range of 4 products with different characteristics for use:

  • Polacril 40
  • Polacril 80
  • Polacril U10
  • Polacril U21

(INCI: Carbomer)

Traditional product with excellent gelling power. It guarantees excellent performance andit can be used to formulate gel products containing up to 80% alcohol. In order to achieve the maximum yield we recommend dispersing with low speed mechanical agitation. The suggested time for dispersion is a whole night and in any case no less than 4 hours.

(INCI: Carbomer)

This product has excellent applications as both a thickener and suspending agent. It gives particular transparency to the finished product and is therefore recommended in gels for hair and in hydroalcoholic gels. It is easily dispersed and can be neutralized with both caustic soda and triethanolamine. The time required for dispersion is about 30/40 minutes with medium mechanical agitation. 

(INCI: Carbomer)

Polacril U10 has excellent wettability which vastly reduces work times; in fact the time for dispersion is about ten minutes. It has excellent compatibility with every type of hydroalcoholic gel. It is a very efficient rheological modifier that can form very transparent gels. Compared to the Polacril 40 and 80 products it can be used in a wider range of applications: gel, styling products, after shave, creams and lotions. The optimum pH to obtain the maximum clarity is around 6.0

(INCI: Acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate Crosspolymer)

Polacril U21 allows high-viscosity and extremely transparent products to be obtained. Its application is appreciated for its exceptional dispersibility and wettability. The powder will be completed wet in a few minutes without any agitation and easily dispersed with slow mixing. POLACRIL U21 gives greater stability even for formulations containing electrolytes. The finished product has an excellent sensory profile. Polacril 21 is an excellent ingredient in the formulation of lotions, creams and liquid soaps, even delicate ones.

Characteristics of our Polacril range: