Update: Sun Protection

Sunscreens are designed to protect the skin from sunburn and other harmful effects of UV radiation.

The UV filters contained in it absorb UV-A and / or UV-B rays and help prevent skin aging and skin cancer. There are 2 different types of UV filters to protect the skin from UV radiation. Chemical filters (e.g. Mfsorb 512 DHHB) convert the UV rays on the skin into heat. Mineral filters (e.g. zinc oxide) reflect sunlight on the skin.

Product 1 – UV-Filter: New REACh: Mfsorb 512 (DHHB), INCI: Diethylamino hydroxybenzoyl hexyl bezoate

Diethylamino-hydroxybenzoyl-hexyl-benzoate (abbreviation: DHHB) is a soluble organic UV-A filter. DHHB has an absorption maximum of 354 nm. DHHB has excellent photostability and compatibility with other UV absorbers and other cosmetic ingredients. DHHB has been approved for use in sunscreens in the European Union since 2005 with a maximum of 10 percent.

Product 2 – UV-Filter: COSMOS: Zink oxide powder and dispersion

Zinc oxide (INCI) is a mineral UV-BB filter (broadband filter) that protects the skin from both UV-B and UV-A rays and can absorb UV rays from 280 to 400 nm. The maximum concentration here is 25%. Zinc oxide is thermally stable and only slightly soluble in water. Zinc oxide is occasionally coated with other substances in order to improve the dispersibility (miscibility) in cosmetic formulations. Please contact us.

Product 3 - After-Sun: Monoi de Tahiti A.O. Brut Toco

Monoi de Tahiti A.O. is COSMOS-certified. Brut Toco is an oily extract coming from Polynesian tradition, and combining all the properties of the Tiare flower and the coconut. It has very powerful moisturizing and repairing properties and soothes the skin, leaving it wonderfully soft. Monoi de Tahiti intensifies tanning and ensures irresistible wellbeing. 

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