Ethical principles in sourcing

Even if we are unable to fully inspect all of the production conditions at our supply partners’ premises, we still consider it very important to observe ethical principles. Child labour, in particular, should be categorically excluded from the production of cosmetics raw materials. The workers who are employed with our partners should enjoy fair working conditions with good healthcare and remuneration.

As a distributor, we also bear responsibility for flora and fauna. The protection of natural resources and endangered species are matters of great concern to us. Where possible, plant-based raw materials should originate from certified wild harvesting or, ideally, from controlled organic farming.

Plant-based raw materials from fair trade

Wherever possible, we also aim to meet our responsibilities in world trade. For this reason, we supply plant extracts from equitable dealings with a fair trade certificate. The manufacturers thus provide a guarantee of fair remuneration and humane labour conditions in the farming regions and also display respect in their management of the natural resources.

Sustainably produced raw materials

In selecting plant-based materials, we attach great importance to sustainable management on the part of our supply partners. We are therefore in a position to supply our customers with a broad selection of plant extracts from controlled organic farming. We see a further large market potential in this field and wish to strengthen our relations with companies that organize their production entirely in line with the principle of sustainability.