LEHVOSS Personal Care supports Vodafone to launch the first 5G perfume and create an exceptional marketing story

The marketing agency REINSCLASSEN elects LEHVOSS “best partner”

It all started with a call to Soenke Thomsen, Managing Partner at LEHVOSS. “We would like to explain the 5G technology with a perfume!” said Veronika Classen, Managing Partner at REINSCLASSEN. The answer came right away: “Great idea! Count us in!”

Here is what the press writes about it: “Invisible signals, which are transferred in real time and without latency – if you think about the 5G technology, you are right. You can also find the magic of the modern technology, however, in a century old product that everyone knows. It is the perfume that causes fast as lighting reactions like 5G and triggers the human nervous system as also modern communication technology may. This was the rationale for Vodafone to have an ‘Eau de Futur’ created, named ‘5G Solitaire’, to illustrate the similarities between perfume and 5G.”

“The idea was to interpret the characteristics of 5G completely differently.” says Gregor Gründgens, Vodafone’s Brand Director. “In a way which is far away from cell towers and smartphones. In a way which stands out, because it has never been there in our industry.”

The first 1,000 bottles of the classy perfume were handed out to participants of the Online Marketing Rock Stars festival (OMR22), which took place last May in Hamburg, Germany. According to Vodafone the perfume smells of white Madagascar pepper, Indian calmus and English rhubarb, finished by a pinch of honey-like French lilies.

The press nominated the story as the “creation of the day”. “A beautiful idea of REINSCLASSEN that translates the anonymous technology of 5G in an exceptional way into something everyone can understand.”

“If you have a project which has never been there before and for which you need people that are able to amalgamate creativity with expertise in the detail, this is the address to go to: Lehmann & Voss. I have hardly ever seen such enthusiasm, engagement, solution orientation and dedication. Thank you! And here’s to the next ‘impossible projects’!” said Veronika Classen.

“The personal care industry is always looking for new stories. This sometimes requires a bit of rebellious thinking, of breaking habits, of walking new paths. That is exactly what we like to do – and why we were so attracted to this exceptional project.” says Dr. Michael Lütke, Global Director LEHVOSS Personal Care. “It inspired the whole team. We look forward to carrying this inspiration over into our all of our customer projects.”


LEHVOSS Personal Care is a division of LEHVOSS Group focused on innovative & technology-driven products dedicated to the personal care market. We support our customers who look for ideas for new products or at the topic of sustainability. LEHVOSS Personal Care helps our partners achieve their goals with inspiration, innovation and the knowledge of a 127-year-old family business. We are experienced and agile, personally committed and reliable, full of ideas and go ahead - in a changing world where new goals require new ways.


REINSCLASSEN is Germany's first full-service brand consulting and advertising agency

that uses language as a brand building factor. REINSCLASSEN developed the corporate language model. It has been successfully implemented over 17 years for clients such as IKEA, Beiersdorf, Vodafone and many others. Language makes brands. Language sells. REINSCLASSEN's clients benefit from these truths.

REINSCLASSEN is also one of the most creatively successful B2B agencies in D-A-CH. And one of the most effective. For years, its work has been highly awarded in Effie and BoB competitions.

The agency locations are Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main and Baden-Baden.


Dr. Michael Lütke, Global Director, LEHVOSS Personal Care – Michael.luetke(at)lehvoss.de
Oliver Bode, REINSCLASSEN – Bode(at)reinsclassen.de